Superfirst - The SMSF Specialists Institute of Chartered Accountants

Our History

Superfirst is a young, vibrant, enthusiastic and energetic firm. With all staff under the age of 40, we are establishing ourselves as the new breed of accountant. Highly educated, highly professional, highly enthusiastic.

Superfirst was established in 2010 by Lisa Cahill.

Lisa identified that there was a need to provide specialised, timely and reliable superannuation advice to clients.


Unfortunately many accountants and financial planners these days are approaching retirement, and as such they have lost the enthusiasm and energy to keep up to date with the latest legislation in order to ensure their clients are receiving the best advice possible. Many accountants are more concerned with how they are going to sell their accounting practice and retire, than they are about getting the best results for their clients.

Many accountants also try to do everything - accounting, tax, audit, superannuation, financial planning -they become a 'jack of all trades' and may offer a 'one stop shop' convienience to clients, but they are never able to specialise in any one area and as such they can never provide the best possible solution to the client.

Superannuation, and in particular, borrowing in super, is a highly specialised area of accounting. Accountants who try to be a 'jack of all trades' and only have a couple of SMSF clients or who set up one or two borrowing in super facilities a year are not going to give the client the best possible result. In addition, a small mistake in superannuation can cost a client a lot of money, and in the worst case circumstances of excess contributions, can see almost all of a clients superannuation contributions gone in penalties and tax.

In addition, being a trustee of a SMSF carries with it responsibility to adhere to the SIS Act - the government legislation governing SMSF's. Breaching these responsibilities carries serious penalties which in the extreme can result in criminal convicions and jail.

So we were concerned that people were setting up SMSF's, without getting the best possible advice, without having the correct structures set up, were paying more tax than they should, and were being exposed to avoidable we decided to do something about it, and set up Superfirst

We have hundreds of SMSF clients and set up several new SMSF's and borrowing in super arrangements every week. We know our stuff - this means not only do our clients get the best possible advice to minimise tax and increase their super balances, but because we specialise in super, we are not going to make the mistakes that cost you money.

At Superfirst we are not thinking about how we are going to retire, we are focusing on how we can partner with you to help your minimise your tax and accumulate wealth through superannuation. We ensure we keep as up to date as possible with legislation changes, and how we can provide our clients with valuable advice on how to build their wealth. Lisa is constantly studying in order to be able to provide 'expert advice'.

Our philosophy with all existing and future clients is to establish long term relationships. We want to partner with our clients for the next 10, 20 or 30 years, and develop strong relationships.